General Details

*Please proceed if delivery time by Express Post is before your Departure Date.
You can check Express Post delivery time here. Our postcode is Sydney NSW 2000.
*Exchange Order for Rail Pass is valid for 3 months from the issue date.

Passenger Details

IMPORTANT:Please input Full Passport Name (including Middle Name) as shown in Passport. *You may not be able to use the Rail Pass if the details are incorrect.

Full Passport Name Gender Type of Pass Duration Class Age Nationality Price(AUD)
Total (AUD) : $0.00

Please Note

  • Child (6-11 years):Age at the time of exchange order is issued.
  • Children 5 and under are free of charge with NO seat.

Pick Up / Delivery Details

Pick Up From Nearest Branch Free Exp Post in Aus ($0.00) Exp Post to NZ ($32.00)

Nearest Branch
*Select Pick Up From Nearest Branch for e-Ticket pass.
*Once the exchange order is issued and ready for collection or dispatching, we will notify you by SMS or Email.
Company Name (Optional)
Postal Address
Post Code

Comments / Requests

Please let us know of any additional comments or requests you may have.

日本国籍のお客様へお願い(Japanese Passport Holder):ご利用資格の10年以上の在留期間を証明する書類(在留届の写しもしくは在留証明書)の交付日をご記入ください。交付日から6ヶ月以内に,引換券のご予約,発券とパスの交換が必要です。

Eligibility and Conditions

NOTE:Sachi Tours will not take any responsibility if any information you input in the Booking Passenger Details was incorrect or you did not meet the eligibility criteria.