General Details

*Please proceed if delivery time by Express Post is before your Departure Date.
You can check Express Post delivery time here. Our postcode is Sydney NSW 2000.
*Exchange Order for Rail Pass is valid for 3 months from the issue date.

Passenger Details

Important: Please input All Names as shown in passport in any order in the Full Passport Name column.

Caution: You may not be able to obtain the Rail Pass if any passport name is missing and the details are incorrect.

Full Passport Name Gender Type of Pass Duration Class Age Nationality Price(AUD)
Total (AUD) : $0.00

Please Note

  • Child (6-11 years):Age at the time of exchange order is issued.
  • Children 5 and under are free of charge with NO seat.

Pick Up / Delivery Details

Pick Up From Nearest Branch Free Exp Post in Aus ($0.00) Exp Post to NZ ($32.00)

Nearest Branch
*Select Pick Up From Nearest Branch for JR West & Kyushu e-Ticket pass send by Email.
*Once the exchange order is issued and ready for collection or dispatching, we will notify you by SMS or Email.
Company Name (Optional)
Postal Address
Post Code

Comments / Requests

Please let us know of any additional comments or requests you may have.

日本国籍のお客様へお願い(Japanese Passport Holder):ご利用資格の10年以上の在留期間を証明する書類(在留届の写しもしくは在留証明書)の交付日をご記入ください。交付日から6ヶ月以内に,引換券のご予約,発券とパスの交換が必要です。

Eligibility and Conditions

NOTE:Sachi Tours will not take any responsibility if any information you input in the Booking Passenger Details was incorrect or you did not meet the eligibility criteria.